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  February 2017 The first Yoga Day took place! We had noticed that there is a demand for more yoga classes and therefore more yoga teachers in Kosovo, while it was really hard for Kosovars to get any training, due to economic or visa restrictions. Also, all of us just wanted to learn more about Yoga. Therefore, Jenny, who was running Prana Yoga in Prishtina, joined up with Dafina, Stefan and Jehona and we started to spend the weekends in self-organized workshop, the so called Yoga Days. We invited all people that were willing to learn with us about Yoga. We would prepare sessions and present to each other what we know, what we had read and studied from different sources. Soon more people came to join us! August 2017 We were lucky to get to know our Anatomy Teacher Magriet, who can explain anatomy very lively. As we became slowly more people, we wanted to formalize structures of studying Yoga and designed a teacher training curriculum which follows the standards of the International Yoga Alliance. October 2017 We advocated for the recognition of Kosovo as an independent country at the International Yoga Alliance- finally successful: In December 2017 the International Yoga Alliance Board decided to categorize Kosovo as independent country. Therese, a German yoga teacher who had visited Kosovo for the Shanti Yoga Fest before, joined the team, and together with Jenny prepared the curriculum for the registration of the first formalized yoga teacher training in Kosovo. Sonia from Italy helped us to design a logo, which symbolizes our mission to spread Yoga in Kosovo! November 2017 On 22nd 2017 Yoga School Kosovo was founded as a Non-Profit NGO under Kosovo law! Yes, we are a registered NGO, we have a NGO number, a Kosovar bank account, and we even pay taxes for teaching yoga in Kosovo! December 2017 The International Yoga Alliance approved the 200hr Yoga Teacher Training curriculum. This means that trainees of Yoga School Kosovo are eligible to register with the International Yoga Alliance as Yoga Teachers. February 2018 In February 2018 we started the first 200h YA registered training in Kosovo with 15 participants and the Yoga School Kosovo was reality. The first Yoga Teacher Training course ever held in Kosovo! April 2018 In April 2018, Neda, an experieced Ashtanga Yoga teacher form Inside Yoga Skopje came to Kosovo to hold the first YSK Special Interest Modul. In the light of the limited availability of yoga classes, teachers and training workshops in Kosovo, these modules are an important part of our teacher training course! The modules are optional and trainees can chose 2 out of 10 different modules, so that they ave the opportunity to learn from different yoga teachers from different  trainees. Also, with the workshops we hope to bring international and regional yoga teachers to Kosovo and therefore foster the yoga scene in Kosovo! November 2018 On 3rd November 2011 we celebrated the graduation of the first 11 YSK teacher trainees that accomplished the training! March 2019 The second generation of Yoga Teacher Trainees started their yoga journey! 15 beautiful human beings on the way to becoming yoga teachers in Kosovo! This year, all Kosovars, so that a significant part of the training can take place in Albanian language! April to May 2019 The first Ashram Week to place. This was a new concept introduced in the second year. A good part of the training takes part during a week together in the mountains, were trainees and teachers do nothing but yoga from early morning till late night! Future Mission We as, Yoga School Kosovo, will live the spirit of Svadhyaya in our trainings and believe that we can all continue to learn from each other in a particpatory way. We will stay non-commercial and will start the third training round in 2020 to further spread Yoga and Peace in Kosovo.      

The Teachers


* yoga teacher * office * founder and legal representative*

Jehona is a long-time passionate yoga practicioner and teaches yoga since 2017. She participated in the Yoga School Kosovo from the very start, became the legal representative of the YSK NGO and in 2017 finalized the first internationally accredited teacher training course in Kosovo with the first generation!

At the moment Jehona holds regular classes at different locations, among others at Rudina Dance studio.

Contact her under Jehona@yogaschoolkosovo.com



 Jenny Jyoti

 * yoga teacher * founder * organization *

“Yoga for me is a holistic concept of physical, mental and spiritual well-being. I truly believe that a serious yoga practice helps us to connect with ourselves, with those around us, and in good moments, with the whole universe.”

Jenny´s yogic path began when she started practicing Devi Yoga in 1999. While she practiced with many different teachers from various traditions, she remained passionate about classical hatha yoga. She is a Yoga Alliance certified yoga teacher (E-RYT200/RYT-500 ) in the Sivananda tradition since 2011, finalized a 2-year-modul-training program at Yoga Vidya in 2018 (RYT-500) and took a specialization training in prenatal-yoga during her pregnancy. In her classes she combines classical hatha yoga with influences from various yoga traditions and in particular Iyengar teachings, and she always emphasizes pranayama and breath awareness.

From 2014 to 2018 Jenny lived in Kosovo. She was one of the founders and main organizers of Shanti Yoga Fest in 2016 and 2017. In the Yoga School Kosovo Jenni teaches Asana, Pranayama, Meditation, Yogic Lifestyle and Teaching Methodology.

Contact her under Jenny@yogaschoolkosovo.com  



* yoga teacher * founder * organization *

“Yoga for me is an attitude towards life and a passion. By practicing physically, we can get in touch with our inner world and feel the reflections of our psych in the body. Yoga helps me to get in balance and peace with myself and learn to open up to the world and all its beauty. By practicing Yoga I can become the best version of myself and thereby make a change in the world. Yoga is my tool for making this world a better place.”

Therese came in touch with Yoga in a very early age and has been practising for her entire life. Since 2013 she teaches Hatha Yoga. She practised with many different teachers around the world such as, Monika Schwoboda, Ulrike Grundert, Sri Louise, Alison West, Manju Jois, Claudia Hitzenberg and several others. By now she has done over 820h training and is certified by the standards of EYU (European Yoga Union) as well as the Yoga Alliance. She has done several additional workshops in the fields of Ashtanga Yoga, Spiraldynamik® and Yoga and social change. Though for the last years she chose a nomadic life style, she is currently settled in London to deepen her academic knowledge of Yoga by studying a MA in Traditions of Yoga and Meditation at SOAS. Here she is specifically interested in the correlation of gender and Yoga. At the Yoga School Kosovo Therese is one of the lead teachers. She teaches Yoga history, Yoga philosophy, asana, alignment and teaching methodology.

If you want to learn more about Therese you are welcome to visit her homepage: http://www.thereseheinisch.com/ Contact her under Therese@yogaschoolkosovo.com  


* anatomy teacher * physiotherapist *

“I am amazed how the body is build up and functions. And I’m honoured that I can give this tiny contribution in understanding it.”

Margarita is a Dutch physiotherapist, specialized in manual therapy. She teaches at a medical Faculty in Pristina and provides training for physiotherapists. She has been living more than five years in Kosovo. She is married, and mother of three kids.  




* founder * social media * administration * press *

Dafina is passionate about Yoga and Meditation, which are part of her life for over four years. As a Yoga teacher Dafina perceives Yoga as the relationship between body, mind and breathing, which in turn helps to achieve full freedom within you, to be more flexible, and inspires to live every moment with care and pleasure. Dafina is here to help you flourish in life by nourishing the body, mind and soul with Yoga, by nurturing a sense of peace and joy. She wants to combine Yoga with Meditation, as well as a dose of inspiration to help you deepen your practice! She accomplished in 2018 the first internationally accredited teacher training course of the YSK. Contact Dafina under Dafina@yogaschoolkosovo.com    


*administration * founder * booking *

Stefan is in Kosovo as a Peaceworker and practices Yoga for more than five years. He is passionate about Pranayama, Breathing exercises that control the energy flow in the body. He accomplished in 2018 the first internationally accredited teacher training course of the YSK. Contact him under Stefan@yogaschoolkosovo.com (also for registratinons for 2019 training)