One of the NGO missions is to create a network of Yoga in Kosovo and in the region. The Yoga School Kosovo (YSK) is inviting Yoga teachers to prepare a one day module with a specific focus of his/her choice, normally held in Prishtina. These one day modules are part of the 10 months yoga teacher training, and mainly designed for the yoga teacher training trainees. Usually they are also open for other interested people, in particular other yoga teacher and regular yoga practicioners. YSK trainees need to accomplish at least two of these modules for the yoga teacher training course, so it is ensured that YSK trainees got more perspectives on Yoga and thus a broader view about the heterogeneous world of Yoga.

Through the different teachers that are visiting Prishtina, the Yoga School Kosovo and its trainees are increasing the number of contacts between Kosovo`s Yogi*nis other yoga enthusiasts. Of course, this cooperation is not limited to teachers from Kosovo and the Balkans but YSK is also delighted to learn from and connect with Yoga teachers beyond the Balkans. Thus, YSK hosted already quite a few teachers from several countries (Kosovo, Macedonia, Slovenia, Germany, Great Britain etc.). In case you are a Yoga Teacher and willing to prepare a one day workshop, please check the document with the YSK module conditions

Apart from this, YSK is looking forward to cooperate in any other way! Let us know your ideas!