Yoga Teacher Training

The first school for Yoga-Teacher-Trainings in Kosovo  

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The price for the 200h training includes participation in all training sessions, practicum classes and a internationally accredited certification, as well as food and accommodation during the 9-day Ashram Retreat Week from 27 April to 5 May 2019.

Regular Price: 750 EUR 

(Admission fee: 50 EUR, Tuition: 500, Ashram Retreat Week: 200 EUR)

Early Bird price: 650 EUR (still available)

(Admission fee: 50 EUR, Tuition: 400, Ashram Retreat Week: 200 EUR)

Early Bird price is limited to 8 participants and end at 20 December 2019.

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The 200h-Yoga-Teacher-Training 2019 will be held taught on 6 Yoga Days, 3 Yoga Weekends and a 9-days long retreat in April/ May. Each day there will be program from 8am until 7pm with breaks. The preliminary dates for the first semester 2019 are the following:

March 9th – 10th

March 30th – 31st

April 27th – May 5th

June 7th – 9th


The 200h Yoga-Teacher-Training-Course at YSK is designed for you to gain the knowledge to develop and deepen your personal yoga practice and become a conscious yoga instructor!

The 200h RTY-program is accredited by Yoga Alliance. It offers you an opportunity for inner growth through self-development and a journey into self-discovery. Whether you plan to work as a yoga teacher or not, you will leave this course having made a great step on your personal journey towards realizing your full potential! Yoga can be your way to health and happiness. Only by being in peace with ourselves we can contribute to make this world a better place! So let’s get started!

The modules taught are Yoga philosophy, the History of Yoga, Yogic Lifestyle, Asana, Pranayama, Meditation, Anatomy, Relaxation, Teaching techniques and Mantra.

Modern yoga practice consists of a combination of physical practice – Asana -, Breath control – Pranayama – and Meditation. All these components will be covered in depth in the 200h hour program. To give you a good understanding of the effects of yoga on the body you will gain a deep insight into anatomy. Yoga practice is rooted in a very long history and many different traditions took part in shaping it. For this reason we will explore Yoga philosophy and history.