Bringing your Practice Home

with Amber

The emphasis of the workshop shall be on working with the knowledge we have to sustain a practice that keeps giving. Through the scope of the gunas (rajas, tamas and sattva) we shall be looking at the practicalities of setting up a sustainable self-practice. In this way we are able to maximize the energy we get from our yoga and build up our internal store. Teachers will also receive tools they can easily share with their students and help them practice yoga in a way that supports their life.


DAY 1:


The practice will involve a personal analysis, which is based on the concepts of Therapy, Maintenance and Improvement in your own yoga practice. The second approach is environmental, You will learn about the gunas and how they can enrich your yoga practice.


In the workshop you will get to know the different parts and aspects of your own yoga practice. Those are Asana, Pranayama, Bandha and Meditation practice.

DAY 2 (optional):


This morning session is all about sequencing your personal Asana practice.



The Self-Practice workshop is taught by Amber Scott. Amber teaches yoga in London. She has been studying yoga for fifteen years and teaching for over a decade. Her practice has been led by self-study and supported by time with her teachers Ruth White and Tias Little. Her emphasis is on creative means to keep the practice relevant to the present moment. A precise alignment and an intuitive approach to sequencing keep yoga alive in Amber’s practice. The workshop can only take in a limited number of participants, so save you place soon!

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