Hatha Yoga Creative

Nataša Petavs and Dejan Žuna are guest yoga teachers coming from Slovenia. They began their path as yoga teachers in 2008 in India. To date, they have taught more than 3000 hours of yoga classes. In 2016 they established the POT JOGE yoga school, registered with Yoga Association Slovenia and Yoga Alliance, USA.

On the weekend 23rd and 24th of June they will present two separate seven hours yoga workshops at Yoga School Kosovo, Pristina. Saturday being more creative, energetic and Sunday being more relaxing, regenerating. People usually describe them as yin and yang. Nataša is the structure, Dejan goes with the flow.


Hatha Yoga Creative
Dejan will present a more creative, free approach to hatha yoga, out of the box. Some basic knowledge of hatha yoga is required to attend the workshop. The workshop will consist of some unusual variations of basic asanas, freedom of movement, the use of props, application of fascia training into yoga, working in pairs, tantra yoga, yogic massage.

Dejan is very creative and intuitive.

He feels the group energy, dynamics and adapts the programme according to the participants’ needs.



A tantrist, magician, philosopher, yoga teacher, meditator, traveller, martial arts practitioner, movement explorer.

His classes are a mixture of different yoga styles. He loves to explore uncommon movement patterns, connect body and philosophy, think about the laws of life, discover the meaning of life and organise interactive discussions on the field of spirituality. He encourages his yoga practitioners to internalise their feelings and to be fully focused.

Dejan is connected with spirituality since his childhood. He is interested in spiritual philosophy, spiritual literature, mediation and the psychology of the human mind. He says that he is not a teacher, but only a human who has spent more time in silence. Dejan is an Experienced Registered Yoga Teacher at Yoga Association Slovenia (IRJU 300).


You can contact Dejan and Nataša by email at info@potjoge.si or visit their website www.potjoge.si.